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29 January 2013

European Enforcement Network of Animal Welfare Lawyers and Commissioners

A group of animal welfare lawyers have decided to establish a professional and dynamic network, in order to improve enforcement of EU animal welfare legislation at the national level. This network aims to share knowledge, experiences and specific information such as court decisions about enforcement of EU animal welfare legislation in Europe in order to identify best practices and to give a contribution for the development of the first Enforcement Strategy of the EU in the line of the upcoming EU Animal Welfare Framework Law and the EU Animal Welfare Strategy. Starting 2013, several educational tools might be used for this purpose, including organisation of roundtables, conferences etc. On the long term, the main goal of this network is to strengthen animal welfare in all Member States. One tool of the network is the website, with for main goal the exchange of legal knowledge related to animal welfare enforcement. The website aims to be a practical educational tool for practicionners and students.
Author/Organization: VIER PFOTEN / FOUR PAWS
Year: 2013
Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, education, legislation