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19 June 2013

Transport of ducks in Hungary - 8 February 2013

In 2007 FVO inspectors found serious shortcomings in terms of animal welfare during transport and at slaughter in Hungary. Among these, was the lack of knowledge of the personnel involved in transport and slaughter and of the authorities competent for checks. ... Now, in 2013, even if six years have passed after the FVO inspection, the same violation was committed again. Not only crates with insufficient headspace but also old and inadequate cages were used exposing animals to serious dangers and suffering. Those cages must be considered not suitable for animal transport by the competent authorities and thus eliminated to avoid that more animals suffer unnecessarily again.
Author/Organization: Animals' Angels
Year: 2013
Where: Hungary
Topics: cruelty to animals, ducks, inspection and control , legislation, pain/injury/harm, transport