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26 June 2013

Transport of geese in Hungary - 6 February 2013

The FVO wrote in the report no. 7331/2007, concerning inspections carried out in Hungary: "crates on the vehicle were insufficiently spaced to provide adequate ventilation, contrary to point 2.6 of Chapter III of Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 1/2005, and these foie gras ducks were already in some respiratory distress. ... Now we found the same problem on a goose transport and this may apply to all geese transports in Hungary, considering that those diamond-shaped cages look to be the most common containers used to transport every kind of poultry.
Author/Organization: Animals' Angels
Year: 2013
Where: Hungary
Topics: animal stress/discomfort/distress, geese, inspection and control , legislation, pain/injury/harm, transport