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24 July 2013

Report on Investigation into Animal Markets at Haskovo, Bulgaria, 0 nd March 2013

Animals‘ Angels inspects the official animal market. The list of breaches against Council Regulation (EG) 01/2005 is long: Animals are loaded to transport vehicles without usage of ramps; some are transported in vans without sufficient ventilation; sheep and calves are transported in the back seats or trunks of ordinary cars, partially lying with tied legs; a donkey gets stuck in an insufficient separation wall; much too young calves and goats are for sale; a calve and a horse are transported without separation, etc. The lambs’ weight is estimated by a hanging scale – therefore the animals are hung up on strings and tied to the scale: an unnecessary and forbidden cruelty for the animals. At the market neither water, nor bedding is available for the animals. Many animals are missing the required ear tags. A sheep, we call it Vassilena, transported to the market in the trunk of a car, is injured or sick in such an extent, that she isn’t able to stand up. Despite that she is dispatched, which is strictly forbidden. Outside the official market grounds an illegal market takes place. Piglets, calves, sheep, rabbits and poultry are sold out of car trunks. Piglets are packed and transported in bags by their sellers. No kind of supervision is present at the market and we cannot spot a veterinarian. The word is that he already went home. Animals’ Angels will file a complaint to the competent authorities.
Author/Organization: Animals' Angels
Year: 2013
Where: Bulgaria
Topics: animal stress/discomfort/distress, calves, cattle, donkeys, goats, inspection and control , pain/injury/harm, poultry/chickens, rabbits, sheep, transport