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25 October 2013

Animal Production and Health Division e-newsletter 77

Contents: 1) Fourth Global Agenda of Action meeting aims towards practice change. 2) United Kingdom contributes to FAO’s work in Syria and Lebanon. 3) FAO offers a collection of e-books, featuring bestselling titles from the world of food and agriculture. 4) EMPRES-Animal Health 360 no. 42. 5) Metodología y buena gestión de emergencias: elementos fundamentales. 6) FAO promotes investment in healthy poultry production and marketing systems to safeguard against avian influenza and other threats. 7) Cassava as animal feed in Ghana. 8) Inception workshop of “Technical and institutional support to veterinary services in Armenia” Project. 9) FAO technical assistance to improve veterinary Quarantine Services Capacities in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. 10) Supporting the implementation of the Multi-Year Programme of Work of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. 11) Notice and invitation to the e-conference on Role of agro-industrial and forestry by-products in the feeding of dairy animals in Asia and other Tropical Regions. 12) HPAI China Highlights bulletin n. 56. 13) Plan continental para la erradicación de la peste porcina clásica de las Américas #3. 14) Upcoming Events.
Author/Organization: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Year: 2013
Topics: animal health, dairy cattle, emergencies, feeding, marketing, poultry production