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29 October 2013

Program Manager – Advocacy

After a successful period of lobby activities, Eurogroup will now engage in the wider range of advocacy within three main programs: (a) the improvement and enforcement of existing legislation, (b) the spreading and sharing of relevant information and expertise and (c) facilitating a strong network of animal welfare organisations. Using a project based working methodology all the available expertise within Eurogroup will be used to integrate advocacy, campaigns and digital and corporate communication. The coordination of the three programs will be done by the Program Manager, who will facilitate the projects and the people working within them. It is a new post within Eurogroup and it will help the organisation in the transition from single lobby to a broad advocacy approach. Thereby ensuring Eurogroup for Animals will continue to be seen as a reliable partner, a credible stakeholder and the expert on animal welfare in the EU.
Author/Organization: Eurogroup for Animals
Year: 2013
Where: Belgium
Topics: animal welfare/general concepts