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07 June 2009

Welfare Aspects of the Production of Foie Gras in Ducks and Geese

Scientific evidence regarding the welfare of ducks and geese in relation to foie gras production is gathered together in this report. In chapter 1, different definitions of animal welfare are presented, the four main indicators of animal welfare are discussed and the importance of combining results from several indicators is emphasised. In the second chapter the extent of production of foie gras is described and in the third, practical aspects of production are summarised. Chapter four concerns the behaviour of geese and ducks in relation to force feeding or “gavage”. The consequences for the birds of force feeding are described in chapter five. The remaining chapters concern the likely socio-economic consequences of any changes whose aim is to improve the welfare of the birds, suggestions for future research and conclusions. Finally, there is a list of references quoted in the report.
Author/Organization: Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare
Year: 1998
Topics: ducks, geese