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21 November 2013

Food Labeling for Dummies. A definitive guide to common food label terms and claims

Today, a bewildering range of terms and claims are used to promote and label the food we buy. While some of these terms and claims have definitions that are controlled by government regulation, most are unregulated and are widely used by companies to attract buyers to their products. The problem is that the use of such unregulated terms can lead to potential misunderstandings – and misuse. Common examples of labels you might see on food include ‘locally grown’, ‘natural’, ‘free-range’, or even ‘fresh’. But what exactly do all these terms and claims really mean – and how can you be confident that they are true? Animal Welfare Approved has produced Food Labeling for Dummies to provide clear and factual definitions for the most commonly used claims and terms for the production, marketing and labeling of meat, dairy, eggs and other farmed products.
Author/Organization: Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)
Year: 2013
Where: United States of America
Topics: certification, labelling