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04 December 2013

Report on the horse fair of Puigcerdá, Catalonia, Spain 02 – 03.11.2013

The annual horse fair of Puigcerdá is an important date for the regional and national trade of “meat horses”. It is an antique fair and local feast that attracts thousands of tourists and families that outnumber users and professionals by large. Each year more than a thousand horses are coming mainly from the surrounding rural area of Puigcerdá. These animals have been reared for their meat in the mountains in a half wild, free, open air way. There is too a group of “sport” horses, many of them coming from Andalusia The fair lasts two days. The majority of the “meat horses” that has not been sold the first day are taken back to the farm during the night, only the sport horses stay overnight. ANDA and Animals Angels´ have been visiting the fair since 2008 witnessing severe breaches of the current legislation, Regulation EC1/2005, related to both the handling and practices of transport. Usually a strong opposition to the presence of the NGO teams has been experienced. Reports with the results of our inspections have been issued to the operator and to the Regional Authorities in Catalonia. Some improvements have been observed since 2008 such as information boards, provision of water and food or attempts to organize the flow of people and professionals. The aim of our visit this year was to check if these improvements were still in place and check if any further measures have been taken.
Author/Organization: Animals' Angels, Asociación Nacional para la Defensa de los Animales (ANDA)
Year: 2013
Where: Spain
Topics: horses, inspection and control , standards, trade