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28 February 2014

Horsemeat: one year after - actions announced and delivered!

About a year ago, the horsemeat scandal made headline news across Europe and further afield. The story that horsemeat was being passed off as beef, exposed the complex nature of our globalised food supply chain. The evidence gathered did not point to a food safety or public health issue, but rather to an issue of fraudulent labelling. It demonstrated that fraudsters were taking advantage of weaknesses in the system to the detriment of both legitimate businesses and consumers. Europe's food processing industry faced a crisis of consumer confidence and trust in the industry hit an all-time low. The European Commission, together with EU Member States competent authorities have been working closely to get to the bottom of how horsemeat was found to be in food products labelled as 100% beef.
Author/Organization: European Commission
Year: 2014
Topics: horses, labelling , legislation, meat production