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09 September 2015

Animal transports from the EU to Turkey (21 - 29/07/2015)

From the 21th until the 29th July 2015, two teams of Eyes on Animals and the Animal Welfare Foundation inspected the transport conditions of more than 80 livestock trucks coming from Europe and passing the Turkish border at Kapikule. All of them transported either pregnant heifers or young fattening bulls. We observed violations of Regulation (EC) 1/2005 in almost every case. In most cases, the dividers presented a high risk of injury as they were not solid down to the floor but left a dangerous gap where animals can get stuck. In many trucks, the bedding was insufficient or extremely filthy and in some cases the headspace insufficient. The water coming out of the automatic water systems on board was often undrinkable, because it was very dirty and hot, or/and because not all the animals could reach the water troughs due to the loading densities and animal behaviour (dominant ones block submissive ones from accessing it). Some livestock drivers did not even have water buckets with them on board, fully relying on the automatic troughs which is not acceptable for long distances. During long-distances, especially in this heat, drivers must also offer water to the animals manually to make sure each animal gets water and enough of it. Some trucks did not have access doors, which meant there was no way to place buckets inside the truck for the animals to drink from.
Author/Organization: Eyes on Animals, Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF)
Year: 2015
Where: Turkey
Topics: inspection and control , livestock, pain/injury/harm, transport