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25 April 2016

World @nimal Net - World Animal Navigator - April 2016

Contents: 1) How can the Model Animal Welfare Act help you create a better world for animals? Watch our video and find out! 2) Interview with Faunalytics executive director, Che Green: Find out why he's optimistic for the future and how research can supercharge your advocacy. 3) Does your Facebook page have buttons for donations and newsletter subscriptions? If not, find out how to add them!4) A new report explains how advocating for democracy creates more opportunities for animal advocacy. 5) Horses and dogs can read our faces, but what does this mean? 6) Germany rejects ban on the culling of male chicks. 7) New study finds meat alternatives produce 10 times fewer emissions than meat. 8) Iran bans the use of wild animals in circuses. 9) Poultry industry pushes for deregulation of animal welfare in the UK. 10) China working to set guidelines for the treatment of lab animals. 11) Find out what's happening in the animal protection world this April!
Author/Organization: World Animal Net
Year: 2016
Topics: animal protection, animal welfare/general concepts, horses, meat production, poultry/chickens