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08 December 2014

Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting On Hazards Associated with Animal Feed: Call for Experts and Data

Animal feed safety impacts on animal health, welfare and productivity, the health of feed producers, handlers and users, as well as the safety of the human food supply and the livelihood of farmers. Safe feed helps to reduce production costs, maintains or increases food quality and reduces food losses and wastes. Animal feed is an integral part of the food chain and its safety has been recognized as a shared value and a shared responsibility. Within the overall aim of securing feed safety and ensuring fair trade practices in the feed and food trade, FAO and WHO are jointly organizing an Expert Meeting with the specific objective of providing Member Countries with an updated overview of the current state of knowledge on hazards associated with conventional, novel and unconventional feed, feed ingredients (including feed additives, but not veterinary drugs) and feed production processes (e.g. insects, food waste, biofuels by-products). More specifically, the objective is to collate and analyse scientific information and data on: - Hazards, their sources, their levels and variability (seasonality) in feed to facilitate feed safety assessment; - Transfer of hazards from feed to food products of animal origin; - Emerging hazards in the animal feed chain; including hazards in novel and unconventional feed, feed ingredients and feed production processes; and - New analytical methods for the detection of hazards in feed, including rapid methods and multi-analyte methods. The meeting will also provide guidance on the most appropriate use of this information for risk analyses purposes; it will identify knowledge gaps and prioritize future work on the identification of potential hazards of key global concern from the perspective of human and animal health. The call for Experts and Data is attached, please circulate it widely and if interested, reply by 31 January 2015.
Author/Organization: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) - World Health Organization (WHO)
Year: 2014
Topics: feeding