Country: Honduras

Date: June, 2001

Demonstrator/trainer: Prof. C. Fabra, Dr. Ponce, National Centre for Plant and Animal Health, (CENSA), Cuba

National counterpart organisation: Department of Food Control

Type of demonstration: Regional and local, 4 farms workshop, 3 at cheese processors.

Locations: Department of Olancho, Valle de Guayape.

Sector descriptor: The demonstrations were held in the department of Olancho in Honduras which is one of the key milk producing areas of the country producing an estimated 120,000l/d. Milk is usually collected without refrigeration by truck and transported in plastic containers over rough roads which can be inaccessible in the wet season. Due to the lack of refrigeration, cheese-making is a commonly practised activity although demand for fresh milk and other milk products is very high in the country.



Type of raw milk treated (bovine)

LP-s sample

Control sample

Quantity (L)



Ambient Temperature



Time interval, treatment to testing (8 hrs)








Government bodies consulted: Department of Food Control

Private processors/groups consulted: Proyecto de Apoyo a la Industria Láctea Artesnal (PAILA), Lecturers from the University of Zamorano, SENASA, Agricultural Development Project of the GUAYAPE Valley and Escuela Nacional Agraria (ENA).

Development partners consulted: Land o'Lakes, Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA)

Key Questions/Feedback:

The system may have a significant role to play in the development of an export cheese processing plant for the North American Market.

The representatives of the Department of Food Control were reported as willing to allow the immediate use of the system in the area.


An interview with Dr. Fabra was broadcast by the departmental television. All the processors in the region were interested in applying the system in the immediate future.