Country: Tanzania

Date: March 2000

Demonstrator/trainer: Prof. L. Kurwijila, Sokoine University of Agriculture

National counterpart organisation: Sokoine University of Agriculture

Type of demonstration: National workshop only

Locations: Dar Es Salaam

Sector descriptor: n/a


Type of raw milk treated (bovine)

LP-s samplea

Control sample

Quantity (L)



Ambient Temperature (oC)



Initial pH



Time interval, treatment to testing (7 hrs)




Alcohol test (68%)



Note: a Alfa Laval MPSI and MPSII were used

Government bodies consulted: Tanzanian Bureau of Standards, National Food Control Commission, Ministry of Health Ministry of Agriculture.

Private processors/groups consulted: Land O'Lakes, Morogoro Dairy and General Livestock keepers Association.

Development partners consulted: Austroproject, RELMA

Key Questions/Feedback (see appendix):

Follow-up: It was felt by the participants that it would be necessary for each country to go through an initial pilot testing phase as part of a processing for eventual adoption of the Codex Alimentarious Code of practice to respective country Food Standards/Laws. This is important to avoid a backlash of an unsuccessful "untested" commercial introduction of the system. SUA to request FAO technical assistance in the testing and application of LP-s.