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What hardware do I need to run FERTIBASE?

The following are the recommended minimum hardware specifications in order to run FERTIBASE:

1. 20GB Hard Disk Drive (at least 678 MB reserved for FERTIBASE).
2.256 MB RAM.
3.500 MHz processor.
4.17" SVGA monitor.
5. 4 MB Video RAM.
6. Windows 95 or higher.
Download FERTIBASE Application as a Zip File
To use this software, first Unpack the zip file to a directory in your file system. A popular zip package on the Microsoft Windows platform is WinZIP.
1. Select the Download button and this will ask you to Open or Save the file.
2. Select the Open button then choose the extract button this will open the Extract open Dialog box and this will ask you the destination for the extracted files. Make sure that the check box named Use Folder name is on (this is mandatory). Click on the Extract button to extract the FERTIBASE to your desktop or to another destination.
3. After extraction of the files choose the close button and this will close the zip file.
4. Go to the FERTIBASE folder on your Desktop or to where you have saved FERTIBASE.
5. Open the FERTIBASE folder and then double click on the file StartGUI.bat.
6. This will start the home page of FERTIBASE.
NOTE :- The links on the home page of FERTIBASE will only work when your computer is connected to the internet.