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Issue n. 49 - March 2007
Welcome to the 'Food Safety and Quality Update' eNewsletter from FAO's Food Quality and Standards Service. We look forward to any comments or suggestions. Please email us.

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FAO/WHO - Food safety risk analysis guide: A guide for national food safety authorities
Food and Nutrition Paper No. 87, FAO/WHO (2007) ISBN 92-5-105604-2

AGNS announces the availability of the English version of the above publication. French and Spanish versions will be made available in mid-2007.
→  Download... [pdf 683kb]

FAO/WHO - Guidelines on HACCP in small and/or less developed food businesses
Food and Nutrition Paper No. 86, FAO/WHO (2007) ISBN 92-5-105596-0

FAO supports the continual development of national policies to improve food safety and quality with the overall objective of protecting consumer's health and furthering economic development. This document provides guidance to governments and relevant stakeholders and proposes the development of national HACCP strategies to include the implementation of HACCP systems in SLDBs. Other language versions are currently under preparation, including Chinese, French and Spanish.
→  Download… [pdf 531kb]

FAO/WHO seminar - report
'Strengthening knowledge of Codex procedures and risk analysis'
Vilnius, Lithuania, 14 January 2007

The report of the FAO/WHO seminar 'Strengthening knowledge of Codex procedures and risk analysis', organized in close collaboration with Switzerland and Lithuania, is now available online. The seminar was organized prior to the 25th Session of CCEURO in January 2007.
→  Download... English [pdf 142kb] | Russian [pdf 170kb]

FAO international training workshop - final report
'Assessing capacity building needs in national food control systems'
Rome, Italy, 28 November-1 December 2006

AGNS organized an international training workshop on capacity building needs assessment of national food control systems using two new FAO tools: i) 'Strengthening national food control systems: Guidelines to assess capacity building needs (2006)'; and ii) 'Strengthening national food control systems: A quick guide to assess capacity building needs (draft)'. The objective of the workshop was to train food safety regulators as users in applying these tools, and as facilitators and resource persons for future regional or sub-regional training activities. Participants from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Near East and Central Asia attended the workshop.
→  Download... [pdf 404kb]
→  For more information on these training materials, please email AGNS.

FAO/WHO meeting on criteria for fats and oils - final report
Bilthoven, The Netherlands, 7 - 9 November, 2006

In meeting a request for advice from Codex, FAO and WHO, in collaboration with the Centre for Substances and Integrated Risk Assessment at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands, organized an expert meeting to define the criteria for the evaluation of substances to be included in the 'Codex list of acceptable previous cargoes in the transport of edible fats and oils'.
→  Download... [pdf 933kb]

Joint FAO/OIE/WHO Expert Consultation - final report
'Antimicrobial use in aquaculture and antimicrobial resistance'
Seoul, Republic of Korea, 13-16 June 2006

The use of antimicrobials is essential for both animal and human health. Nevertheless, it is well recognized that the issues of antimicrobial use and misuse are of global concern. This joint expert consultation workshop focused on the use of antimicrobials in aquaculture and the public health impact of such use, as previous consultations did not thoroughly address this issue. FAO, OIE and WHO organized this consultation to evaluate usage patterns, and the public health impact of this use, to develop strategies to minimize any risk.
→  Download... [pdf 823kb]

Informe final ahora disponible en español
'Utilización de los resultados de la evaluación de riesgos microbiológicos para elaborar estrategias prácticas de gestión de riesgos: Parámetros para mejorar la inocuidad de los alimentos'
Kiel, Alemania, 3-7 de abril de 2006

El presente informe tiene como finalidad resumir los recientes debates internacionales y sus resultados y presentar una visión general de la situación actual en lo que respecta a la aplicación de la evaluación de riesgos microbiológicos (ERM) en la gestión de la inocuidad de los alimentos. Aunque se han realizado progresos significativos en los últimos años, todavía subsisten muchos problemas.
→  Descargar… [pdf 924kb]

WHO Technical Report No. 939 - 66th Report of JECFA
'Evaluation of certain veterinary drug residues in food'
WHO (2006) ISBN 92-4-120939-9

WHO Technical Report No. 939, from the 66th JECFA meeting, has been published and is now available online.
→  Download... [pdf 1,356kb]

DRAFT - WHO Technical Report No. 940 - 67th Report of JECFA
'Evaluation of certain food additives and contaminants'

A draft version of the WHO Technical Report No. 940, from the 67th JECFA meeting has been published and is now available online. This draft has been made available for information to facilitate the discussion at Codex meetings on food additives and contaminants. Please note that the report is not final and further editing may take place before publication.
→  Download... [pdf 2,157kb]

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→  Forthcoming events
Codex Committee on General Principles, 24th Session
Paris, France, 2-6 April 2007

The provisional agenda and working documents for this and all other forthcoming Codex meetings are now available.
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Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods, 1st Session
Beijing, China, 16-20 April 2007

The provisional agenda and working documents for this and all other forthcoming Codex meetings are now available.
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FAO regional seminar - 'Food safety and risk communication'
Santiago, Chile, 23-24 April 2007

FAO is holding a two day seminar on 'Food safety and risk communication' at the FAO Regional Office in Santiago with consumer organizations from Latin America. The purpose is to provide information and a discussion platform on food safety risk communication within risk analysis, including information on key and emerging issues in food safety. International and local case studies will be used to demonstrate their application in a regional context and the sharing of successful experiences with other participants will contribute towards improving national strategies, priorities, and performances on the topic of risk communication. It will also contribute to increased participation of consumer organizations in assuring food safety at national and international level.
→  Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe

Codex Committee on Food Additives, 39th Session
Beijing, China, 24-28 April 2007

The provisional agenda and working documents for this and all other forthcoming Codex meetings are now available.
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FAO subregional training workshop - 'Integrated approach to food safety, animal health and plant health (Biosecurity) and the assessment of Biosecurity capacity needs'
Santiago, Chile, 25-27 April 2007

Under the FAO Norway Biosecurity project, a three day subregional training workshop at the FAO Regional Office in Santiago is being organised on an 'Integrated approach to food safety, animal health and plant health (Biosecurity) and the assessment of Biosecurity capacity needs'. Objectives are to increase understanding and knowledge concerning Biosecurity among sector experts in Latin America; to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to apply the FAO Biosecurity Capacity Assessment Tool at the national level; to develop a network of experts with specialized knowledge and skills on an integrated Biosecurity approach; and to facilitate the development and delivery of Biosecurity capacity building activities and training at the country and regional level.
→  Download workshop programme (Español)... [pdf 55kb]

68th JECFA session (Food additives and contaminants)
Geneva, Switzerland, 19-28 June 2007

The complete list (and supplements) of substances scheduled for evaluation and the request for data for evaluation by this meeting are now available online:
→  Second supplement (including the final list of flavouring substances, i.e. the list in the original call for data is no longer valid). Download... [pdf 39kb]
→  First supplement. Download... [pdf 82kb]
→  Original list of substances scheduled for evaluation and request for data. Download... [pdf 170kb]

→  Announcements
Call for experts - new work on viruses in foods
FAO and WHO are initiating new work on viruses in foods. This is in response to the increasingly recognized role of viruses in food-borne disease, and in order to provide scientific advice to Codex in the development of risk management guidance. FAO and WHO are convening an expert meeting in May 2007, and in order to ensure that this meeting has at its disposal all available and relevant information and data FAO and WHO are issuing a call for data.
→  For more information and/or details on how to apply please click here or email JEMRA at FAO.

'Codex General Standard for Food Additives' on CD-Rom
The 'Codex General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA)', including the decisions of the 29th Codex Alimentarius Commission is now available on CD-Rom. This contains a searchable version (English, French and Spanish) of the GSFA (CAC/STAN 192-1995). Users can search the standard by food additive (name, synonym, INS number), by functional class of additives, and by food category. The CD-Rom is aimed at those who do not always have reliable Internet access and those wishing to maintain a record of the development of the standard. It provides the same functionality and content as the online version.
→  The CD-Rom can be obtained from: FAO Sales and Marketing Group, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153 Rome, Italy | Fax: +39 570 53360 | email | FAO's on-line sales catalogue.
→  For more information, please contact: Secretariat of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153 Rome, Italy | Fax: +39 06 57054593 | email.

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