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Hazards and Quality Issues in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
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Food Laws, Regulations, Standards and Grades
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Food Laws, Regulations, Standards and Grades

This section covers the legal and regulatory framework governing the marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables. Reference is made to national, regional, and international grades, standards, and codes of practice. The most important international agreements related to food grades and standards are those formulated by the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Codex Standards, Guidelines and Codes of Practice are recognised by WTO as reference for settlement of disputes. Links are also provided to standards and grades that have been adopted by the European Union and other key country players in the international trade of fresh fruit and vegetables.


2001 Food Code [website]

Complete text of US FDA retail food processing and handling regulations. Contents. Previous editions of codes. Introduction. Preface. 1. Purpose and definitions. 2. Management and personnel. 3. Food. ...


Accord relatif aux mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires

[Cet accord concerne l'application des mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires, en d'autres termes les réglementations relatives à l'innocuité des produits alimentaires, à la santé des animaux et à la p...


Accord relatif aux obstacles techniques au commerce (ATC)

[Cet accord élargit et précise l'Accord relatif aux obstacles techniques au commerce conclu lors du Tokyo Round. Il vise à faire en sorte que les règlements techniques et les normes, ainsi que les pro...


Acuerdo Sobre Obstáculos Técnicos al Comercio (OTC) [website]

[Este Acuerdo está destinado a ampliar y clarificar el Acuerdo sobre Obstáculos Técnicos al Comercio concluido en la Ronda de Tokio. En él se trata de conseguir que ni los reglamentos técnicos y norma...


Acuerdo sobre Medidas Sanitarias y Fitosanitarias

[Este acuerdo se refiere a la aplicación de las medidas sanitarias y fitosanitarias, en otras palabras, a los reglamentos relativos a la inocuidad de los alimentos y a la salud de los animales y las p...

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