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Hazards and Quality Issues in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Safety & Quality Assurance
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Safety & Quality Assurance

Producers and exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables have increasingly to demonstrate the safety and traceability of their produce up to the consumption stage. This is particularly the case in 'developed' export markets such as the European Union where stringent public and private sector codes of practice are in place. Producers and exporters have to demonstrate that they have taken all possible precautions in terms of food and environmental safety and should adopt good practices and safety and quality management programmes and systems from the field to the point of embarkation and to have these certified by independent organisations. It is convenient to consider good practices for the primary production (GAP) and post-harvest stages (GMP) of the supply chain.


A Grower's Guide to Preventing Food-borne Illness from Berry Crops [website]

This information provides growers with tools to develop on-farm food safety programmes that will reduce the risk of microbial contamination of berries. Many of the recommendations here are logical and...


AVRDC - the World Vegetable Center [website]

AVRDC - the World Vegetable Center is an international not-for-profit organization committed to improved nutrition, job creation and food safety for the world's poor through research, development and ...


Advanced HACCP Workshop [website]

Enables companies to handle the challenges of difficult food safety hazards and issues; Demonstrates a process to apply HACCP principles to the most difficult and challenging problems; Explains how au...


Agricultural Export Transportation Workbook - Agriculture Handbook 700 [website]

This handbook looks at the export transportation portion of the export process, ie how to physically move agricultural products overseas. The focus of this publication is on shipping high-value or val...


An Overview of Pesticide Legislative Controls - CCFRA Review No. 33 [website]

The use of pesticides is strictly regulated. For example, pesticides have to be registered before they can be used and, once a pesticide is registered, the crops and situations for which it can be use...

Good Practices
Safety and Quality Management Programmes and Systems

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