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Flavouring Tartaric acid (+)-, (-)-, (+/-)-, meso-
Synonym(s) 2,3-Dihydroxybutanedioic acid
alpha,beta-Dihydroxysuccinic acid
Latest JECFA evaluation 1999 (Session 53)
Status of specification Full
Chemical name 2,3-Dihydroxybutanedioic acid
JECFA number 621
CAS number 87-69-4  
FEMA number 3044
COE number 18
FLAVIS number -
Molecular weight 150.09 
Chemical formula C4H6O6  
Physical form/odour colourless or translucent crystals, or a white, fine to granular crystaline powder which is odourless with an acid taste 
Solubility soluble in water and alcohol; 1 gm in 0.8 ml water 
Solubility in ethanol 1 g in 3 ml 95% alcohol 
Boiling point (°C) NA
Assay min % 99.7%
Acid value max -
Refractive index NA
Specific gravity NA
Other requirements Melting Pt.: 170°; Heavy Metals: max. 10 ppm: Loss on Drying: max. 0.5%; Oxalate: passes test; Residue on Ignition: max. 0.5%; Specific Rotation for (+)-isomer: +12.0 to +13.0° at 25°; Sulfate: passes test
ID Test IR