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As microbiological risk assessment requires a multidisciplinary approach, implementing the programme of work of JEMRA requires the input of experts in a number of fields. FAO and WHO are developing procedures for designating experts that assure the transparency, excellence, and independence of the opinions delivered. Both organizations want to ensure that the pool of selected experts includes a diversity of viewpoints and includes representatives from all geographic regions of the world including both developing and developed countries.

Periodically, FAO and WHO will issue a "call for experts" aimed at identifying specialists in microbiology, epidemiology, mathematical modelling, public health, food technology, veterinary medicine, risk assessment and other relevant areas to participate in a variety of activities required for the provision of this scientific advice. The specialists may be involved in drafting risk assessment reports, reviewing the work of drafting groups, and/or participating in expert consultations. Experts shall be appointed in their personal capacity and not as representatives of their country or of the institution for which they may be employed. At the present time meetings and correspondence are carried out in the English language.

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