25. The basic goal of protecting and promoting nutritional well-being for all will be achieved only through a combination of policies involving various sectors at various levels of responsibility. Based on the worldwide consultations held in preparation for the ICN, actions to be considered by governments in their efforts to improve nutrition are presented below. These are grouped under nine action-oriented themes, allowing each sector and actor to determine how it can best address nutritional problems, taking into account the specific needs and conditions in each country.

1. Incorporating nutritional objectives, considerations and components into development policies and programmes

2. Improving household food security

3. Protecting consumers through improved food quality and safety

4. Preventing and managing infectious diseases

5. Promoting breast-feeding

6. Caring for the socio-economically deprived and nutritionally vulnerable

7. Preventing and controlling specific micronutrient deficiencies

8. Promoting appropriate diets and healthy lifestyles

9. Assessing, analysing and monitoring nutrition situations