Sustainability in Nutrition Improvement Programmes

Experience has shown that community-based processes which are empowering and able to mobilize populations are essential components of programmes for rapid and sustainable reduction of undernutrition and malnutrition. The activities under this heading seek to create a widespread understanding of the underlying factors and processes that lead to malnutrition, and to build the necessary programme activities and support at the government and institutional levels to respond to identified needs, and thus reverse the situation. The building of sustainability and rapid progress requires access to technical information and financial resources, the development of sound intersectoral processes at many levels of government, and the ongoing development of supportive policy environments. The knowledge base for such activities comes from lessons learnt from nutrition improvement programmes which have had significant impact and have become sustainable. This programmatic activity finds its sense of urgency in response to the need for accelerating progress towards reducing hunger and malnutrition in order to meet the goals of the World Food Summit.

Improving Nutrition Programmes. An Assessment Tool For Action (2002)

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