Diet and Chronic Diseases

The joint report on Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases was undertaken as part of the ongoing FAO and WHO collaborative program of expert consultations on human nutrition. The report from a team of global experts identifies the burden of chronic diseases - which include cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and obesity - as rapidly increasing worldwide. This Report is significant because it contains the best available scientific evidence on the relationship of diet, nutrition and physical activity to chronic diseases, based on the collective judgment of a group of experts with a global perspective.

The Committee on Agriculture (COAG), which conducts periodic reviews and appraisals of agricultural and nutritional problems in order to propose concerted action by Member Nations and the Organization, convened a special session at the request of member nations, to seek advice on FAO's follow-up to the report. The following materials were prepared for this 18th Session of COAG, 9-10 February 2004.

Committee on Agriculture

Committee on Agriculture (18th Session)

  • Presentation to Plenary Session
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Presentations at side event:

  • Diet, Nutrition & Life long Health: New opportunities for agriculture
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  • Poor Fetal and Infant growth: Antecedents of childhood obesity
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  • Implications of WHO Recommendation on Sugar Producers
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