Urban nutrition

Globalization of Food Systems and Nutrition

A major characteristic of globalization in developing countries is an acceleration of urbanization, with an influx of people well beyond the capacity of cities to absorb them. Work is underway towards building a conceptual understanding of the impact of urbanization and global change on household food security and the nutritional status of individuals in urban areas. Food systems around the world are changing, resulting in a potential for greater availability of food as well as greater diversity of food choices, with markets becoming global. In developing countries competition for market share of food purchases is arising from entry into the system of new players such as large multi-national fast food and supermarket chains. These changes to food systems are having a substantial impact on the food and nutritional security of both producers and consumers. This impact is being felt on the availability and access to food, through changes to food production, procurement and distribution systems, the food trade environment, and overall food culture.

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