Urban nutrition

Workshops and Conferences 2004

The Third International Conference on Urban Health
20-23 October, 2004 Boston MA, USA

UN Habitat World Urban Forum 2004
13-17 September 2004 Barcelona, Spain

Regional Training Workshop on Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture
25-30 April , 2004 Kathmandu, Nepal
Sponsored by the Himalayan Resources Institute (HIRI)
Contact: Ram Bhandari - hirinepal@yahoo.com

World Alliance of Cities against Poverty
31 March - 2 April, 2004 Rome, Italy

Workshops, Conferences and Internet based Forums 2003

Promoting Physical Activity and Health by Urban Design
4 November 2003 Boston MA, USA

The 2nd International Conference on Urban Health
15-18 October, 2003 NY New York

Globalization, urbanization and the food systems of developing countries:
Assessing the impacts on poverty, food and nutrition security

8-10 October, 2003 Rome, Italy
Contact: Gina Kennedy gina.kennedy@fao.org

Poverty, Food and Health in Welfare
1-4 July 2003 Lisbon, Portugal
* Special session: "Living in the City: Challenges and options for the urban poor"

Food Africa - E-Conference and International Working Meeting
5 to 9 May 2003 Yaoundé, Cameroon
* Special Theme - Impact of urbanization on food systems

Diet and Physical Activity Forum WHO E-conference 31 March - 25 April http://www.dietphysicalactivityforum.org/pages/debate_intro.cfm

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