About the CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains detailed descriptions of more than 600 grassland species from various agro-ecological zones. The Grassland Index database can be accessed by species common name, Latin name or genus. A linked Picture Gallery contains many photos. There is also a considerable bibliography and notes about the authors.

The material on this CD-ROM is part of the FAO Grassland and Pasture Crops Web site and specifically the Grassland Index. It consists of two main parts: a Grassland Index and a Picture Gallery (which are linked).

The basic information in this index has been taken from two FAO publications "Tropical Grasses" (1990) by Skerman, P.J. and F. Riveros and "Tropical Forage Legumes" (1988) by Skerman, P.J., Cameron, D.G. and F. Riveros. Other material incorporated includes various species from temperate areas, from the Sahel and other agro-ecological zones. The index will continue to be updated and links will be established with other Information Systems and Databases. Except for the authors of the two books mentioned above, the sources of the new species descriptions are clearly indicated by author or organization.

This CD-ROM was prepared by Steve Reynolds and Petra Staberg with the support of the FAO Crop and Grassland Service.

As the CD-ROM contains many Web site addresses maximum effectiveness can be achieved by using it in conjunction with the internet.

For futher information see FAO Bookinfo

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