Box 3.2 In Sri Lanka, tree legumes are ranked according to need

In the dry zone in Sri Lanka, tree legumes are ranked in the following order of their importance for multi-functional household environments.

(a) Femingia congesta, as loppings decay slowly and are therefore valuable as a mulch. However, it is susceptible to drought and a grain borer which defoliates the tree in the dry season.

(b) Gliricidia sepium is next preferred but it does not seed easily and parrots eat the pods,

(c) Desmodium rensonii is ranked third. It is drought resistant, but is susceptible to the blister beetle, harbours yellow mosaic virus, and is intolerant of water-logging.

(d) Leucaena leucocephala is ranked last as it is intolerant of water-logging, is susceptible to psyllids, and it does not tolerate acid soils.

Source: Cromwell et al. (1996)

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