Box 3.4 The Supak system in the Philippines


The method of forced feeding of leucaena, or the "supak system", is a way of fattening cattle. The purpose is to fatten cattle to slaughter weight more quickly and thereby gain access to higher value markets.

This is predominantly practised in Batangas, Philippines but has been disseminated and used in other provinces, as well. The practice calls for the use of a bamboo tube (other farmers use PVC pipe), pail or similar container, chopped leucaena, concentrates like rice bran or copra meal, salt and molasses. The rice bran or copra meal, salt, molasses and chopped leucaena are mixed together in a pail or similar container. The mixture is prepared in slurry or pre-liquid form and then forced fed using a bamboo tube. The forced feeding method is merely feed supplementation which enhances the voluntary feed intake of the animal, particularly that of the fibrous basal feed.

Source: Elaine F. Lanting, Livestock Research Division, PCARRRD, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines

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