Chamaecrista rotundifolia
(Persoon) Greene




  • Cassia rotundifolia Persoon (1805)
Author: P. Izaguirre de Artucio

Common names:

Pasto Rastiero, Roundleaf Sensitive Pea


Herbaceous, perennial, prostrate, up to 50 cm high. Summer growing but active from spring to autumn; two flowering seasons, first in spring and second in summer, therefore two fruit ripening seasons. Autogamous, good seed production with natural reseeding


From Southeast U.S.A. all through Central and South America to 34° South in Uruguay and Argentina.


In open fields, savannas, forest openings; pioneer species on ploughed land, road sides, disturbed forests. It mixes with grasses or with lower shrubs. Grows in many light soils, best in lateritic soils. Found up to 1 600 masl. Susceptible to frosts and droughts.


Interesting forage for areas with light soils; cultivars already selected in Australia. Medium palatability, not adapted to grazing, but resistant to mowing; Crude protein content up to 11.2 %, P 0.13 %. Seeding rate 4-5 kg/ha with scarified seeds. DM yield over 7 000 kg/ha/year.

Nodulation & N fixation:

Rhizobium nodules of caesalpinoideal type; does not require a specific Rhizobium to nodulate.


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