Vigna adenantha (Meyer) Maréchal, Mascherpa & Stainier




  • Phaseolus adenanthus Meyer (1818)
  • Phaseolus truxilliensis Humboldt, Bonpland & Kunth (1823)
  • Phaseolus cirrhosus Humboldt, Bonpland & Kunth (1823)
  • Phaseolus senegalensis Guillemin & Perrottet (1832)
  • Phaseolus latifolius Bentham (1838)
  • Phaseolus surinamensis Miquel (1843)
Author: P. Izaguirre de Artucio

Common names:

Adzuki bean, Moth bean, Wild pea


Perennial, herbaceous, climbing up to 7 m high or creeping. Major production at end-summer/early-autumn; frosts burn new leaves and stems.

Distribution and Habitat:

Neotropical origin broadly diffused in all tropical areas; in Africa along the coast and rivers, in America along large rivers, marshes, climbing on trees; adapted also to rocky spots. Cattle cannot enter into pure populations due to high plant density. Acid light soils favour its not very deep rooting system. Found from sea level up to mountain areas in tropical areas.


Good forage production, crude protein content 17.4 %, P 0.18 %. Seeds need scarificaction for uniform germination.


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