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Agricultural marketing

Improvement of marketing linkages for both farm produce and inputs necessitates a strong private sector backed up by appropriate policy and legislative frameworks and effective government support services. Such services can include provision of market infrastructure, supply of market information, and agricultural extension services able to advise farmers on marketing. Training in marketing at all levels is also needed; from farmer groups to post-graduate students at universities.
New marketing links between agribusinesses, large retailers and farmers require to be developed, e.g. through contract farming or group marketing, with those working in marketing and agribusiness being assisted to join together in associations to promote their common goals. We can assist governments with the formulation and implementation of projects to improve marketing policy, support services, farm-market linkages, training and infrastructure. We can also organize training programmes on request.


Most of the publications on agricultural marketing published before 2010 are now also available on a CD-ROM, Marketing and Agribusiness Resources. To order free copies please contact us.  

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