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Input marketing

Value chains begin with production. And efficient production is not possible if necessary farm inputs are not available in time or if inputs are not affordable. Improved efficiency in farm input marketing reduces unit costs and increases availability.

Policies and Actions to Stimulate Private-sector Fertilizer Marketing in Sub-Saharan Africa
This publication synthesizes available literature on fertilizer market reform and the economics of fertilizer use in sub-Saharan Africa. It identifies areas of consensus for improving fertilizer markets and increasing fertilizer use, evaluates the ongoing debates, and proposes potential actions for moving forward to higher levels of consumption and more efficient fertilizer marketing.

Seed Marketing
Increased production of agricultural crops depends not only on the development of higher-yielding varieties of seeds but also on the efficiency of the systems available to ensure that these seeds reach the farmer on time. Effective seed marketing is thus an essential component of activities to improve food security. The entire range of seed marketing activities is addressed in this publication. Methodologies for researching the market are reviewed and approaches for forecasting demand are considered. Ways of best organizing a company's product range to supply demand are then discussed, followed by a chapter on seed pricing. The publication considers seed distribution management and also reviews techniques of promotion, advertising, extension and demonstration.

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Fertilizer Retailing Guide

This guide is for all fertilizer retailers whether they are private individuals or work with cooperatives or government agencies. The text consists of answers to questions posed by a retailer.

The topics discussed include advice on running a fertilizer business, with particular emphasis on ways of controlling costs, the economics of using fertilizer, ways to promote fertilizer sales, characteristics of fertilizers, storage and handling, and the use and application of fertilizer.

This guide can be ordered from the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA)

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