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Marketing institutions

The term marketing institutions can be considered to embrace a wide range of organizations, including associations of farmers, traders, and others in the value chain, as well as cooperatives and government marketing agencies. FAO works to develop the capacity of both farmer-run marketing organizations and of private sector associations.

Commodity associations bring together a wide spectrum of interest groups related to a particular commodity or sector in a particular country. Such associations can draw membership from individual farmers or their associations, from crop buyers, processors, distributors and exporters, as well as from suppliers of support services. Sometimes government agencies are also members.

We have produced a paper on this topic, entitled Commodity associations: a tool for supply chain development? 

A workshop on commodity associations in Asia was held in 2008. (Download a copy from the AFMA web site).

A further workshop was held for southern Africa and for eastern Africa (September 2010). 

Market traders associations. Associations of agricultural traders have the potential to facilitate the work of their members and achieve greater efficiency in the marketing chain. Furthermore, with increasing attention again being paid to post-harvest handling improvement, such associations represent a possible way of accessing traders to provide training. Traders can also provide training to farmers and be supported, through their associations to develop improved linkages with farmers. A publication on Associations of market traders can be downloaded. 

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