Partnership workshop

Getting the policy right is critical to the success of agricultural marketing reforms. Too often, the ability of the private sector to develop and to take over activities previously carried out by government bodies is constrained by poor and often conflicting policy, or by good policy which is ineffectively implemented. Policy-related publications include:

Partnerships between governments and the private sector to overcome food shortages in Eastern and Southern Africa
A workshop on this topic was held in 2006, with participation from the private sector, governments, marketing boards and international organizations from Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.



Presentations made at the workshop can be downloaded:
 Issues Arising From Discussions during the workshop
Background, Content and Purpose of the Workshop, by Andrew W. Shepherd, FAO, Rome 

Policies and Constraints Impacting on the Role of the Private Sector in Addressing Food Shortages: a Summary of Literature on Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, by Tobias Takavarasha:
 presentation     paper

 The Role of the South African Private Sector in Meeting Food Shortages in the Sub-Region, by Jannie de Villiers, South African Chamber of Milling and Johann Kirsten, University of Pretoria

 Status of Food Security - The Case of Malawi, by Charles Mataya – Bunda College, University of Malawi, Lilongwe

Grain Marketing in Zambia in the 2005-06 Season, by Andrew W. Shepherd,
FAO, Rome:
 presentation       paper

 Monitoring Informal Crossborder Trade in Staple Foods in Southern Africa -
a Collaborative Activity Between WFP and FEWSNET

 The Uganda Grain Industry & World Food Programme & Food Aid, by John Magnay - CEO, Uganda Grain Traders Ltd

 Partnerships Between Government and the Private Sector to Overcome Food Shortages – Mozambique: a trade-based approach

 Risk Management & Food Security: SAFEX-Based Option Strategy &
Application in Malawi, by W.A. Nel – Standard Bank of South Africa, Julie Dana – World Bank, Commodity Risk Management Group

 A brief presentation on the constraints facing the private sector in Zambia, by Harrison Banda

 Enhancing Market Development and Food Security: Role of the Zambian Warehouse Receipt System, by Martin Hamusiya, Chief Examiner, Zambian Agricultural Commodity Agency (ZACA)

 Grain trading systems and market information. Stephen Njukia, RATES




Addressing Marketing and Processing Constraints that inhibit Agrifood Exports
Constraints in the domestic supply chains of many countries, have prevented them from exploiting market opportunities. This new guide informs policy analysts on issuesand measures to overcome the main constraints. Copies can also be ordered from FAO catalogue.



Associations of Market Traders
Associations of agricultural traders have the potential to facilitate the work of their members and achieve greater efficiency in the marketing chain.




Financing agricultural marketing - The Asian experience
This paper reports on a study of how traders of grains and horticultural produce in Asia finance their activities and how they use that finance.




Export crop liberalization in Africa - A review
This publication reviews approaches to and experiences with export crop liberalization in Africa. The problems encountered are identified and ways of overcoming them are considered.

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