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Marketing training

Developing skills in agricultural marketing and agribusiness is essential if government officials are to be in a position to (1) provide relevant advice to policymakers; (2) develop an appropriate enabling environment for private sector marketing and agribusiness activities to flourish; (3) advise farmers on becoming more market oriented; and (4) ensure improved linkages between farmers and companies buying their produce.

Training is required at all levels, from senior officials to those working with farmers in rural areas and the farmers themselves. FAO can assist to develop appropriate courses and training materials.

Textbooks. A series of textbooks, originally prepared by an FAO training project for use in universities and management institutes in Eastern and Southern Africa, has been made available to a wider audience. They are suitable for use as core texts for teaching students and for use in preparing short-duration management training courses. The textbooks are:


Marketing and Agribusiness Texts No. 1
Basic Finance for Marketers

This text introduces the basic principles and techniques of financing and accounting to enable marketers to be aware of the financial implications of decision making. 



Marketing and Agribusiness Texts No. 2
Agricultural and Food Marketing Management

This text reviews the importance of marketing in development and the institutional structure often found in the marketing system. Commodity marketing systems, product marketing and pricing, physical distribution systems and marketing costs and margins are presented in individual chapters.


Marketing and Agribusiness Texts No. 3
Global Agricultural Marketing Management

This text deals with marketing institutions, commodity marketing and international trading arrangements, export marketing research and market entry strategies.



Marketing and Agribusiness Texts No. 4
Marketing Research and Information Systems

This text reviews the role of marketing research and the techniques used to undertake such research, including questionnaire design and sampling and writing up a research report.



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