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Equipment and machinery inputs

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Input Supply Chains

The farm power and machinery supply chain includes a range of stakeholders from manufacturers and importers through to dealers, hire service providers, repairers and farmers. each needs to ensure they maintain their livelihoods from their activities for the process to be sustainable. FAO is aware that in Sub-Saharan Africa there is a critical shortage of both farm power and equipment and so has undertaken a study of the supply chains in three countries, one in each of Africa, Asia and South America.. The conclusions have allowed guidelines to be drawn up in order to address the issues observed: Farm equipment supply chains - Guidelines for policy-makers and service providers: experiences from Kenya, Pakistan and Brazil.

International Trade in Agricultural Machinery

Worldwide there is an important trade in used agricultural machinery. Used tractors, combines and smaller equipment such as seedrills are often shipped over considerable distances. Machinery that is nearing the end of its economic life in one country can still be very profitable in another. It is, however, important that the importing country does not receive "scrap" and that there is adequate after-sales support. A report on the usefulness of this trade is presently under preparation.

Selecting and Testing

In order to make efficient use of engineering inputs it is important that engineers, researchers, designers, manufacturers, dealers and farmers cooperate to get the correct inputs in the right place. In the past too much emphasis has been placed on the supply side alone in selecting and designing appropriate machinery.

FAO has organized different training courses and workshops on selection, testing and evaluation, which are targeted at test engineers and policy makers. The theory can be found in  AGS bulletin 84, whereas principles and practices are described in AGS bulletin 110. To order copies, contact us.

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