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Agribusiness and Finance Group

The group provides technical guidance and supports policy and institutional responses of FAO member countries to the challenges of agribusiness development, farm commercialization and rural financial systems.
It serves as the global reference unit within FAO for knowledge on
agribusiness, rural financial systems and farm commercialization. It generates, assembles, and provides information on trends relating to the growth of these sectors, and on policy, regulatory and institutional issues impacting on their development.

Key areas of support

  • Agribusiness development strategies and plans to foster economic growth through sustainable and inclusive agricultural development;
  • Strengthening the organizational role and effectiveness of ministries of agriculture in the development of agribusiness, rural financial systems and farm commercialization
  • Policies and regulatory frameworks to support agribusiness development, including relevant aspects of commerce;
  • Rural financial systems, facilities, mechanisms and technologies to support agribusiness development and farm commercialization;
  • Public sector and complementary inter-professional mechanisms for agro-enterprises
  • Appropriate conditions and approaches for the commercialization of farming in order to enhance productivity and competitiveness, create rural employment opportunities and contribute to economic growth.
Group flyer
Download the Group flyer (.pdf)

Agro-Food Industries Group

The Agro-Food Industries Group reinforces the capacity of public sector to work with the private sector to develop competitive agro-food industries and augment their contribution to increased productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural sector and rural development through value addition and increased employment.
The Group serves as the global reference unit within FAO for knowledge on agro-food industries and value addition. It generates, assembles and provides data and information on the agro-food industry trends and value addition, including diagnostic analysis and benchmarking.

Key areas of support

  • Appraisal of opportunities to improve value addition and profitability, including potential of agro-food processing technologies and systems;
  • Design, selection, operation and management of post-production facilities and services, including investment planning and appraisal;
  • Strategies and practices to foster product, process and services innovation in order to increase value addition, and develop new and differentiated products;
  • Improvements in agro-food industry technical and operational efficiency, including through logistics, supply chain management, packaging, traceability and cold stores;
  • Food industry quality management systems and technologies, GHP, GMP and HACCP systems;
  • Best practices and cost-effective technologies for small and medium-scale agro-processing enterprises for the handling, processing, preserving, transporting, and marketing of food and other agricultural products;
  • SME managerial, marketing, financial management and entrepreneurial skills.
Group flyer
Download the Group flyer (.pdf)

Market Linkages and Value Chains Group

The Market Linkages and Value Chains Group reinforces public sector capacity to work with the private sector and civil society  organizations in order to develop value chains for primary (raw materials) and fresh products, with particular attention to strengthening farmermarket-agribusiness linkages.
The Group serves as the global reference unit within FAO for knowledge on market linkages and value chains in the agricultural sector. It assembles and provides data and information on organizational, managerial and logistical issues impacting on value chain performance, and on approaches for strengthening market linkages and value chain coordination.

Key areas of support

  • Value chain analysis, including appraisal of market opportunities for fresh and primary products and assessment of intervention options for improving value chain coordination and performance;
  • Post-harvest operations and technologies for the storage, cleaning, grading, sorting, handling, packaging, transporting, and marketing of fresh products and raw materials
  • Technologies to preserve fresh product quality and reduce losses along the supply chains, including cold stores and cold chains;
  • Traceability and certification systems and technologies for fresh and primary products Marketing and business and input supply services for agroenterprises,
    including SMEs, exporters, retailers, etc;
  • Managerial and marketing management and entrepreneurial skills of producers, producer organizations and traders;
  • Contractual arrangements in value chains, with particular attention
    to contract farming.

AGS poster

AGS poster
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