Cost-effective management tools for ensuring food quality and safety

For small and medium agro-industrial enterprises

The purpose of this manual is to improve and build the capacities of small and medium agro-industrial enterprises in order to guarantee the quality and safety of food products. The approach integrates the different factors that affect the capacity of a business to produce foods to meet market expectations and recognized standards, while maintaining and increasing the profitability and life of the business. Management and technical aspects are integrated through a practical and cost-effective approach.The manual includes four modules on the following subjects: the use of market information for improving quality management; systems and tools for improving quality and safety management in agro-industry; the application of quality management principles in small and medium agro-industrial enterprises; planning as a tool for improving quality and safety management. The manual contains case studies, exercises and bibliographic references, as well as a trainers’ guide, PowerPoint presentations (on CD-ROM), appendices with further reading, links of interest and a glossary. The manual aims to assist trainers and entrepreneurs wishing to use the material for self-learning. With this manual, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) provides the small and medium agro-industry sector in developing countries with an important tool for improving competitiveness and the capacity to deliver high-quality products to consumers.

  Desarrollo agroempresarial,     Garantía de calidad y certificación de los alimentos, Comercialización agrícola
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  Material de capacitación para gestión, comercialization y finanzas agrícolas
  Pilar Santacoloma; Roberto Cuevas
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