Traditional fermented food and beverages for improved livelihoods

Small-scale on-farm fermentation enterprises are important both for stimulating sustainable development in rural and peri-urban areas of countries, and for making food available to the increasing populations in urban areas. It can play an important role in strengthening livelihoods of millions of people and reduce their vulnerability to poverty, through both income generation and by making an important contribution to dietary variety and food security. Small-scale on-farm fermentation enterprises also provide linkages to other income generating activities such as the manufactures of equipment, packaging and other ingredients that may be required for fermentation. 


This booklet is intended to heighten awareness about the potential of fermented foods and beverages as a viable enterprise that can contribute to small-scale farmers’ income. It provides information to decision-makers at policy-level and those involved in development programmes about opportunities, markets and technical support required for such a diversification enterprise.

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