ICT uses for inclusive agricultural value chains

This study (available in .pdf only) documents the various kinds of information and communication technology (ICT) initiative being implemented globally to improve agricultural value chains and agribusinesses. Many of the solutions presented entail improving access to reliable and timely information. Inequity in access to information allows those with information to take advantage of those without it (often farmers), even though much of the information is technically within the public domain. Because of the ever-lower costs and growing ubiquity of ICT, such as mobile phones and the networks needed to connect them, new avenues have been opened, offering critical information to farmers, fishers, small traders and business people. This document provides examples of three types of ICT solution, categorized in terms of the end result for the consumer: ICT for production systems management, ICT for market access services, and ICT for financial inclusion. [...]

  Desarrollo agroempresarial, Comercialización agrícola,     Servicios de información sobre los mercados,     Extensión de la comercialización,     Vinculación de los agricultores a los mercados, Finanzas e inversiones agrícolas,     Productos y servicios financieros,     Financiación de la cadena de valor, Industrias agroalimentarias
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  Calvin Miller, V.N. Saroja and Chris Linder
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