Farm structures in tropical climates

A Textbook for Structural Engineering and Design

The book is a first attempt to compile a comprehensive text on Farm Structures for Tropical Climates with emphasis on structures for small to medium scale farms and, to some extent, village scale agriculture infrastructure. We hope it will contribute to the improvement of teaching on the subject of farm buildings at all levels in tropical developing countries and to assist professionals already active in Farm Building Extension.

While the book is primarily intended for use in Teaching Farm Structures in Agricultural courses at Universities and Colleges, it is also our hope that resources will be made available to produce textbooks derived from this material, suitable for other school levels. Parts of the bac kground material used come from East and South-East Africa, but the book can be used in the whole of tropical Africa as well as Latin America and Southern Asia, the building traditions may vary but the materials available will be similar.

  Infraestructura rural,     Almacenamiento y estructuras
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  Lennart P. Bengtsson; James H. Whitaker
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