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Potential impacts on sub-Saharan Africa of reducing food loss and waste in the European Union
Jointly drafted by FAO and LEI Wageningen UR, this paper uses scenario analyses to investigate how reductions in food loss and waste (FLW) in the European Union (EU) could influence [...]
Policy and strategies - Agro-industries sub-sector development - Post-harvest management - Oilseeds & pulses - Roots & tubers - Cereals - Fruits & vegetables - Milk & dairy - Meat & meat products - Rural infrastructure - Market infrastructure and management - Storage and structures - Rural transport and roads
Small actors in agricultural value chains are tied to markets through a series of forward and backward business linkages, which incorporate various types of business models. The complexity of these [...]
Agribusiness development - Agricultural marketing
Inclusive business models for the integration of smallholders into agrifood value chains
Inclusive business models promote the integration of smallholders into markets, with the underlying principle that there are mutual benefits for poor farmers and the business community. A business model describes [...]
Agribusiness development - Agricultural marketing
African roots and tubers (ART)
Roots and tubers account for 20 percent of calories consumed in Africa. Crops such as cassava, yam and potatoes are not only important for food security but also increasingly for [...]
Agricultural marketing
Firm-level logistics systems for the agrifood sector in sub-Saharan Africa
This publication is based on four FAO-commissioned studies which were carried out in Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania to review logistics in the agrifood sector. External and internal [...]
Agribusiness linkages - Agribusiness management - Policy and strategies - Processing facilities - Storage and structures - Rural transport and roads
Содействие созданию устойчивых производственно-сбытовых цепочек в сфере продовольствия
Aimed at policy-makers, project designers and field practitioners, this publication provides the conceptual foundation for a new set of FAO handbooks on sustainable food value chain development. It defines the [...]
Agricultural marketing
UNIDROIT UNIDROIT-cover-ENG.jpg FAO UNIDROIT-cover-ENG.jpg IFAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming
Contract farming, broadly understood as agricultural production and marketing carried out under a previous agreement between producers and their buyers, supports the production of a wide range of agricultural commodities [...]
Contract farming
Logistics in the horticulture supply chain in Latin America and the Caribbean
Today, logistics systems and management are considered key for the growth of the perishable food sector, and particularly for those supply chains that involve smallholders. However, there is limited information [...]
Agribusiness linkages - Agribusiness management - Policy and strategies - Processing facilities - Storage and structures - Rural transport and roads
Empowering women in Afghanistan
This publication assesses the gender impacts of the Integrated Dairy Schemes (IDS) approach in Afghanistan and results from a field mission to Afghanistan, interviews with beneficiaries and key public and [...]
Milk producer organizations - Milk & dairy - Milk collection
Uses of geothermal energy in food and agriculture
Agriculture and agro-industry are important sectors in the economies of most developing countries, where they provide the main source of livelihoods for the majority of the poor. The lack of [...]
Agribusiness development - Food and agricultural industries - Post-harvest management
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