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Uses of geothermal energy in food and agriculture
Agriculture and agro-industry are important sectors in the economies of most developing countries, where they provide the main source of livelihoods for the majority of the poor. The lack of [...]
Agribusiness development - Food and agricultural industries - Post-harvest management
Sustainable food value chains
FAO is launching a new online platform on how to develop sustainable food value chains (SFVC). Here you can find the most relevant publications, stay informed on the latest events, [...]
Value chain training - Agricultural marketing - Marketing training
Making economic corridors work for the agricultural sector
Developing countries are increasingly using agrocorridors to develop their agricultural sectors. These corridors promote inclusive agribusiness growth, building on a linear agglomeration of people and activities along existing transportation infrastructure. Based [...]
Agribusiness development - Agribusiness linkages - Agricultural marketing - Linking farmers to markets
Small and medium agro-enterprises (SMAEs)
Main topics Management and entrepreneurial skills SMAE finance Value adding, processing and preservation Formal and informal small and medium agro-enterprises (SMAEs) account for a large share of rural jobs and contribute significantly to total [...]
Agribusiness management - Agricultural marketing - Marketing policy - Agricultural finance and investment - Financial sector linkages - Value chain finance - Value adding technologies - Processing facilities
Developing sustainable food value chains
Main topics Value chain analysis and approaches Green value chains Certification and voluntary standards, including geographical indications A value chain consists of the series of transactions and actors necessary to bring a product from [...]
Value chain training - Food quality assurance and certification - Value chain finance - Quality management systems
Facilitating market linkages for family farmers
Main topics Inclusive business models Institutional procurement Contract farming Small farmers can be linked to markets through traders, farmers’ organizations, agrifood processors, retailers, large hotels and supermarkets, or through formal contracts with large buyers [...]
Contract farming - Agricultural marketing - Linking farmers to markets
Rural and agricultural finance and investment
Main topics Financial inclusion and innovation Value chain financing Risk mitigation Public-private partnerships Inclusive investment promotion Persistent underinvestment in agriculture in developing countries can be attributed to many issues including: climate risks, fragmented input and service [...]
Agricultural finance and investment - Agricultural investment - Financial products & services - Policy and strategies - Risk management - Value chain finance - Strategic partners
Food loss and waste reduction
Main topics Post-harvest handling Value-added processing and preservation Logistics and cold chains Food loss and waste reduction A substantial proportion of the food produced for human consumption is lost through decreases in its quantity or [...]
Food and agricultural industries - Quality management systems - Post-harvest management
Agro-industry development
Main topics Value-added processing and preservation Logistics and cold chains Public-private partnerships Agrifood industry policy Agro-industries are the enterprises, activities and institutions that deliver material inputs to the farming sector and transform, distribute and otherwise [...]
Food and agricultural industries - Value adding technologies - Meat and milk - Agro-industries sub-sector development - Processing facilities - Quality management systems - Storage and structures - Rural transport and roads
Appropriate Seed and Grain Storage Systems for Small-scale Farmers
The suboptimal storage of agricultural products can lead to important losses resulting in increased vulnerability of these farmers in normal conditions, but the combined effect of natural disasters and poor [...]
Post-harvest management - Cereals - Storage and structures
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