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Waste management opportunities for rural communities - Composting as an effective waste management strategy for farm households and others
This working document has been prepared to guide individuals or groups who may wish to transform organic wastes into compost for their own use or for sale. Composting can play [...]
Post-harvest management
Conservation agriculture in northern Kazakhstan and Mongolia
In view of the difficult agro climatic conditions, the seriously degraded soil resources and the need for heavy investment into new machinery inputs for agricultural production in northern Kazakhstan and [...]
Rural infrastructure
Production and processing of small seeds for birds
The purpose of this report is to give an overview of the market for bird food and to highlight some of the plant species that can be successfully grown and [...]
Food and agricultural industries
Honey bee diseases and pests: a practical guide
It is obvious that apicultural industries play an important role in generating employment opportunities and increasing family income in the rural areas of the world. Control of diseases and pests [...]
Agro-industries sub-sector development
Horticultural Chain Management for Eastern and Southern Africa: A Practical Manual
Horticultural Chain Management for Eastern and Southern Africa is a two-volume work designed to help trainers develop suitable materials to assist small farmers and producers to supply high quality horticultural [...]
Fruits & vegetables
Grain storage techniques - Evolution and trends in developing countries
With an annual worldwide production estimated at more than two billion tons in 1992, grain crops provide the world's primary staple food. The FAO's Agricultural Engineering Service recognizes that dissemination [...]
On-farm post-harvest management of food grains
This manual is intended to be a guide for extension workers. Its use should allow them to understand post-harvest issues concerning grains and, therefore, be able to advise farmers. For [...]
Good Practice for the small-scale production of bottled coconut water
 This guide describes a "middle level" of cold preservation technology, for producing coconut water having a shelf-life of at least ten days under refrigerated conditions. This "middle level" of technology [...]
Quality management systems
Agro-industrial parks
This publication reports on the role of agro-industrial parks in the development of agro-processing industries in India. It provides guidance based on this experience which should be of value to [...]
Agro-industries sub-sector development
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