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No-till agriculture in southern Brazil
The present publication is an account of the technological developments in no-tillage systems that took place in southern Brazil from the viewpoint of the principal actors in this process. Special [...]
Agricultural mechanization - Agricultural mechanization technologies and equipment
Beekeeping and sustainable livelihoods
There have always been people in communities the world over who keep bees for their products and services that they offer. Bees produce numerous products, the most popular being honey, [...]
Agribusiness development
Sheep and goats for diverse products and profits
Small ruminants, such as sheep and goats, fit well into smallholder farming systems. Their grazing preferences enable them to feed on weeds, shrubs and other plants that other species of [...]
Agribusiness development
Rural transport and traction enterprises for improved livelihoods
This booklet is targeted at public and private advisory institutions providing support to rural communities, in particular advisers involved with developing and enhancing revenue-generating rural enterprises for farmers. The booklet [...]
Agribusiness development
Growing vegetables for home and market
Smallholder vegetable production requires a small plot of land, some water, labour and minimal capital. Vegetables that are easy to grow provide economic, social, gender and nutritional advantages that can [...]
Agribusiness development
Non-farm income from non-wood forest products
The aim of this Diversification booklet is to raise awareness – among the people that provide advisory, business and technical support services to resource poor small-scale farmers and local communities [...]
Agribusiness development
Value Chain Development
This report is a first output of the work of the United Nations Value Chain Development group (UN-VCD group). It outlines the different approaches and perspectives that seven UN agencies [...]
Agribusiness development - Agricultural marketing
Aquaculture has been recognized as an important component of rural development, aimed at improving food supply and generating more income for poor farming households. Ponds add value to farming activities: [...]
Agribusiness development
Traditional fermented food and beverages for improved livelihoods
Small-scale on-farm fermentation enterprises are important both for stimulating sustainable development in rural and peri-urban areas of countries, and for making food available to the increasing populations in urban areas. [...]
Agribusiness development
Spices and herbs for home and market
The aim of this diversification booklet is to raise awareness - among people and organizations that provide advisory, business and technical support services to resource poor small scale farmers and [...]
Agribusiness development
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