Enhancing Farmer's Financial Management Skills

This is the last of the six volumes making up the series “Agricultural Finance – Revisited”. Although last, in many ways this is the most important, for the improvement of skills in managing money, and especially in handling financial intermediation, lies at the core of successful investment in rural areas, both on and off the farm. The book examines the various measures open to concerned authorities to improve financial management. It attempts to do this all the way from school savings clubs for young children, to supportive actions geared to adult saving/investing/borrowing bank clients. Whilst attempting to be comprehensive in describing various techniques and approaches, it stops short of recommending client training on the part of banks. Whereas it is known that some such training takes place, it is considered that this is generally too expensive a procedure for most financial intermediaries. An exception could be in those cases where sensitization campaigns are especially geared to understanding a particular savings or loan product, and the benefits it conveys.

  Agricultural finance and investment,     Financial products & services
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  Agricultural finance revisited series
  Jennifer Heney
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