Associations of Market Traders

Their roles and potential for further development

This paper reports on a number of studies of associations carried out in 2004. It should prove beneficial to: existing associations by highlighting new activities that they could become involved in and by assisting them to resolve problems by drawing on experiences of other associations around the world; traders in locations where there is no association, in case they may wish to form one; national and local policymakers, to alert them to the important roles that traders’ associations can play and the need to engage in dialogue with such associations when formulating policy; and NGOs and donors who may wish to support the development of such associations.

Market traders’ associations seem to be fairly widespread around the world. Almost all wholesale markets in Brazil have associations and they also exist in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. In some of the larger wholesale markets there are two or three associations, grouping different participants in the marketing chain, such as small

retailers, street-market vendors, and traditional wholesalers. Associations are also found throughout Africa. Here there are relatively few formal wholesale markets and individual associations may represent crop buyers, wholesalers and retailers. Indeed, traders often combine all three functions. In Asia, associations are particularly active in South Asia, but are found throughout the region.

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