Prudential regulation and supervision for agricultural finance

Financial intermediation involves someone else handling one’s money. Many issues are involved here. First, and perhaps most obviously, there is the issue of trust and security, and the means of enforcing this. Second, there is the matter of institutional viability and reputation. Third, cost issues have to be faced. Fourth, in this mini-list, is the issue of sharing of responsibility for the regulation process between those actors in the immediate vicinity of the deposit accepting institution, and authorities from regional or central bodies, or the government itself. The importance of these issues is matched with the difficulty of designing and implementing suitable measures. In this book, the author, Michael Fiebig, takes a pragmatic approach, and makes extensive use of example material drawn from a variety of institutional types in a number of developing countries. FAO and GTZ hope that this volume will be a useful adjunct to the literature on strengthening the provision of affordable and sustainable rural financial intermediaries.

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