Course on agribusiness management for producers' associations

The manual is aimed at improving the agribusiness management capabilities of leaders and managers of producers' associations as well as those of technicians from government, NGOs and the private sector, who provide technical assistance to agro-enterprises. It is addressed to small and medium size producers’ associations with experience in production and marketing of agricultural products. The manual includes four modules on subjects such as agrofood systems and chains, organizational principles for producers' associations, planning for producers' associations and finally post-harvest and marketing. An additional one on business management for small-scale agro-industries is also provided. These modules can be of help to strengthen producers’ and technicians’ capabilities in order to respond better to globalization and cope with the threats of increased competition, but also in order to respond to new market opportunities. It comprises the following volumes: Module 1 - Agrofood systems and chains; Module 2 - Organization principles for producers'associations; Module 3 - Planning for producers' associations; Module 4 - Post-harvest and marketing; Latin America - Case studies; Capacity Building manual - Facilitator's guide.

  Agribusiness development,     Agribusiness management
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  Training Material for Agricultural Management, Marketing and Finance
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