The milk testing and payment systems

This “Milk Testing and Payment Systems Resource Book” is part of a series
of practical field guides for people working in small-scale dairying
in developing countries. These field guides are produced by the livestock
group, of the Animal Production and Health Division of the Food and Agriculture
Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.
The book provides information on simple and cost effective milk sampling,
testing and payment systems to be used for small-scale milk collection in
developing countries. It describes the development of sampling, testing and
payment systems from simple to more sophisticated, according to needs,
and includes all the steps to take in order to implement such systems.
The objective of the book is: (i) to assist in setting up a proper monitoring
and payment system for quality raw milk in order to produce high quality
products and (ii) to increase the income from milk for milk producers and
small-scale entrepreneurs. At the same time, the book addresses the need
to improve food safety during the vital first stages of the dairy food chain.
A first introduction to this subject may be found in the “milk producer
group resource book”, published by FAO in 2002.
The book aims to play a role in rural livelihood enhancement in developing
countries, in a gender sensitive and sustainable way, through helping
milk producer groups gain competitive market access for supplying consumers
with safe affordable milk and dairy products. The target audience
is people working in small-scale milk collection in developing countries.
This audience comprises milk producer groups, collection-centre staff, including
laboratory technicians, extension workers and other people working
in the sector such as development workers and project staff.
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